Team Resources

Paddles UP!

Thank you for registering YOUR team for the 2018 Buffalo Niagara Dragon Boat Festival!

Below you'll find helpful resources and links to plan and organize your team for the festival. Check back often, as we will be updating and adding more content as race day draws near.

General Information

All team members must complete a waiver prior to race day.  Please submit all completed waiver forms together. All teams must follow the rules and regulations for the festival, and the following form must be signed by the team captain. 


Rules an Regulations

Be Prepared!

Use our helpful checklist to help ensure you and your team(s) are ready for the big day.


Click on the topics below for more details 
Team Practices and Training

***A completed Pan Am waiver must be brought to all practices that you will be attending***

Click HERE to download and print the waiver

Practice Schedules

Click HERE to view the most up to date practice/training schedules, and book practices. To book a practice:

2. Fill out requested information (e.g., team Info, date etc.)
3. Click on Send
4. In the upper right hand corner, click on 'Store' 
5. Click on 'Book a Practice'
6. Select Hope Chest Dragon Boat Festival
7. Add to cart
When booking practices, carefully follow the instructions on the Pan Am Dragon Boat website.  Payment must be sumitted at the time of booking/requesting practice dates/times. If payment is submitted at the time of request, your request will not be processed and confirmed, thus leaving that date/time available for other bookings/requests. To avoid disappointment, please ensure you submit payment when requesting your practice sessions.  In 2017, the practice calendar filled up quickly.  Please attend to this duty in the coming days. 

Types of Training 

Open training on the River

We have booked the river in the weeks leading up to the festival to allow the individual teams time to train amonst themselves. Contact our office to arrange a time and date for your team to train, and we will book you a position.

Endurance Training

Using a rowing machine is a far cry from being in the boat with your team fighting the water and the clock. Our Endurance Training is meant to help the new teams prepare for the trials that will be performed on race day. This is a chance for teams to push themselves beyond the distance that they would be required to go beyond race day.

Proper Steering

Learning how to steer a boat is a rather complicated process, with many factors determining how much force is needed and which section of the boat should apply that force to turn correctly. To aid with this, our staff are on hand to teach new teams how to row and steer. Contact us to book your place.

Drummer Training

The drummer is a vital part of the success of a team. The drummer keeps the time and give the oarsmen a point to concentrate upon. Our experienced drummers will assist new comers in how to keep the best beat for their teams, ensuring that the racers keep pace the entire race. 

Venue and Race Day Information

Venue Map


Team Tent Locations



Team Fundraising - Fund for Hope

In addition to individual fundraising, all teams will have the opportunity to set TEAM fundraising goals and win prizes. Teams who raise $2500+ by race day will be eligible to win $500 and $250 Buffalo RiverWorks gift certificates. The team raising the most funds overall will take the grand prize (and bragging rights!) of the $500 gift certificate, with the second and third place teams each receiving a $250 RiverWorks gift certificate. Click the links below for more information on contest guidelines and prizes.

Contest Guidelines


Make a Donation



Best Team T-Shirt

Get your entries in for Best Team T-Shirt! We will again be displaying the t-shirts at Riverworks the day of the race, and will be judged by independent judges. Bring your team t-shirt to practice the week before the race. Teams must submit an actual t-shirt for display and judging.

Best Team Costume

Make your race day even MORE fun by racing with your team in costume!  Arrive on race day in costume - head on down to the marshalling area and get your team photo taken to be entered to win!

Winning teams will receive a $500* RiverWorks gift certificate, so it pays to play!

*Gift certificates have No Cash Value, but do not need to be used on race day.
Pre-Order Food Options

Feed that hungry team with scrumptious meals prepared by RiverWorks. A variety of food options are available to our teams.  Meals must be pre-ordered and paid using the link below.  Be sure to include delivery time with your order.  Place your order HERE! Options include:

Option #1 - $35
1 Large Pizza & 20 Medium Wings
Option #2 - $40
4 Ft Assorted Sub W/Toppings
Option #3 - $40
1 Dozen Pot Roast Sliders
Option #4 - $10
Single Boxed Lunch w/Roasted Vegetable Foccacia Sandwich

Additionally, a variety of food and beverages are available for sale in locations throughout the venue.